23.-24.6.2010 4th International seminar - Samos (Greece)
10.-11.5.2010 Final conference - Tartu (Estonia)
ICHNOS Plus project promoted at the ISSS conference
 The ICHNOS Plus project will be promoted during the ISSS conference (Internet in State Administration and Self-government) which will be held in the days of 12 – 13 April 2010 in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic). 
Third staff exchange between Ancitel Sardegna, North Aegean Region and Ruda Slaska Business Incubator
 The 3rd Staff Exchange of the ICHNOS Plus project took place on from 23rd to 25th November 2009 in Sardinia and involved three partners: Ancitel Sardegna (hosting partner), the North Aegean Region and the Ruda Slaska Business Incubator (visiting partners). 
Interregional visits in April 2010
 Spanish and Greek project partners agreed to visit each other in April. Two visits will be organized between CESGA and North Aegean region, one in Galicia, one in Mytilene (Lesbos Island). More information will be provided soon.
3rd international seminar was organized together with the Steering committee meeting on February 23 - 24 in Prague.
 During seminar the issues about the influence of the regional operation programmes in participating countries were discussed as well as the activities connected with the implementation of the RCC model in the partner regions.  The speakers presented the state of art of the business support in their countries by electronic tools, some presentations could be the basis for the speaches made at the final project conference in May (Tartu, Estonia). You can download the presentations here on this webpage.
23.-24.2.2010 3rd international seminar
 3rd international seminar will be organized together with the Steering committee meeting on February 23 - 24 in Prague. The agenda has been prepared to combine information about RCC model implementation in the partner regions as well as the influence of the SF Operation Programmes. 

Download the agenda.

23. - 25.11.2009 - 3rd Staff Exchange (Sardegna, Italy)
21.09.2009 4th Steering Committee - Mytilene (Greece)
18.06.2009 3rd Steering Committee - Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
26.-27.3.2009 2nd Steering Committee and Scientific Committee - Gliwice (Poland)
Opening conference and 1st Interregional seminar - 11th December 2008
On 11 December 2008, in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) there will be the Opening Conference and 1st Interregional Seminar of the ICHNOS Plus project.
20.09.2008 Kick-off-meeting / 1. Steering Committee - Cagliari (Italy)

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