The partnership is made of 6 partners:

Ancitel Sardegna (Italy)
A service organization responsible for local development established by the association of Sardinian municipalities – ANCI Sardegna. Ancitel Sardegna has a long time experience in managing EU projects, it was a leader partner of the ICHNOS project as well as now in the ICHNOS Plus.


CESGA (Spain)
The Supercomputing Center of Galicia (CESGA) is the center for high-performance computing, communications and advanced services used by the Scientific Community of Galicia, the University academic system and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC).,en/   

Vysocina region
The Vysocina Region (Czech Republic)
The Vysocina Region is one of fourteen self governmental authorities established in 2000 in the Czech Republic. The region has a many small enterprises (90 % are SMEs) and as a new EU Member is challenging the changing role ofRegional Governments. The Vysocina Region is also well known for its interest in the modern ICT technologies using in regional development encouragement.

North Aegean Region

North Aegean Region (Greece)
The Regional Development Fund was founded in February 1998 at the North Aegean Region and operates as a private company. Due to its special legal form (it belongs to the public sector but it has the flexibility of a private firm) is the only authority within the services of a region that can successfully implement a European project and contribute to its developmental plans.


Tartu Science Park (Estonia)

Tartu Science Park (TSP) was founded in 1992 and was the first organization in Estonia to set up with clearly stated intention of supporting innovation.

The TSP technology incubator offers a variety of services to start-up companies from fully developed infrastructure and office services to business and management consultancy. There are 15 incubation companies on TSP premises, working in the national key fields of material technology, biotechnology and ICT. The incubator faced a vast expansion in 2006 when an additional 3000 m2 of workspace was renovated, constructed and dedicated to incubation services. 

Rudzki inkubator
The Ruda Slaska Business Incubator (Poland)                        
The Ruda Slaska Business Incubator is a partnership in which the City of Ruda Slaska holds a 100% share. The headquarters of the Ruda Slaska Business Incubator (RSBI) are situated on the premises of the Upper Silesian Technological Incubator.
The aim is to create favourable conditions for the establishment and development of innovative businesses, by guaranteeing support in terms of infrastructure, marketing, personnel and finance, as well as additional services.   

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