Third staff exchange between Ancitel Sardegna, North Aegean Region and Ruda Slaska Business Incubator

The 3rd Staff Exchange of the ICHNOS Plus project took place on from 23rd to 25th November 2009 in Sardinia and involved three partners: Ancitel Sardegna (hosting partner), the North Aegean Regionand the Ruda Slaska Business Incubator (visiting partners).
The aim of the staff exchange was to raise partners‘ understanding on the good practices developed and identified under the ICHNOS Plus project, namely the model of One-Stop-Shops for businesses or Points of Single Contact implemented in the Sardinia Region and the Regional Coordination Centre for One-Stop-Shops, showing them how this entities work, their structure and organisation.

The staff exchange included several technical and operative visits to the:

  1. Regional Programming Centre of the Sardinia Region, Managing Authority responsible for monitoring the ERDF Regional Operation Programme
  2. Regional Coordination Centre of OSSes of the Sardinia Region;
  3. OSS/PSC of the Municipality of Cagliari
  4. OSS/PSC of the Municipality of Nuoro
  5. Meeting in Ancitel Sardegna for clarifications

Partners partcipated with their respective deep delegations.
The North Aegean Region was represented by Ms Silia Aggelopoulou, project manager assistant, and by Anna Oikonomaki, Officer of the Ministry of Economic Development, body responsible for preparing the legislation for setting up the OSS in Greece, Katerina Tamvakou, director of the Samos Chamber of Commerce and her collaborator Dimitris Kalogirou. The Samos Chamber of Commerce will likely pilot an OSS based on the good practices of the ICHNOS project.

Ruda Slaska Business Incubator participated in with Mrs Aleksandra Karas, project manager, who was accompanied by the representative of the Managing Authority responsible for monitoring the ERDF ROP in the Silesia Region, Mrs Janocha Malgorzata.

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