Opening conference and 1st Interregional seminar - 11th December 2008

On 11 December 2008, in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) there will be the Opening Conference and 1st Interregional Seminar of the ICHNOS Plus project.

The morning conference aims to present the project to the regional stakeholders and raise the regional policy and decision-makers’ awareness on cutting red tape for businesses.

This meeting provides a valuable opportunity to listen to the views and opinions of the main institutional actors involved at European, national and regional level in the process for reducing administrative burdens.

Key speakers include a representative of the European Commission DG Enterprise, Mr Inigo URRESTI, who will focus on the Simplification of Start-up procedures in Europe; an expert of the Technical Unit for Simplification within the Italian Council Presidency of Ministers, Mr Gabriele DA RIN, who will point out the latest Italian laws for better simplification as far as the One-Stop is concerned; Mrs Concetta RAU, the Sardinian Region Minister responsible for Industry will explain the coordination system of One-Stop-Shops and the measures undertaken to reduce time for starting-up a new business within the Region.

The point of view of the European SMEs will be presented by Mr Luc HENDRICKX, the UEAPME Director Enterprise Policy and External Relations.

The six ICHNOS Plus partners will bring their deep delegation members (managing authorities of the EU Structural Funds, political and administrative representatives and stakeholders) at the conference to share and discuss challenges and find out common solutions.

The afternoon seminar sets out to introduce partners and showcase the state of the art of One-Stop-Shops in their respective regions.

The primary focus of this session is to answer to the question: how to implement the RCC model in the partner regions? Starting from partners differences and needs as regards to their socio-economic context, the key point is to find the way for an effective transfer of the model.

For this purpose, the seminar will try to explore what is missing or needs to be upgraded with regard to this model.

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