Project newsletter no. 8 was published
Inside this issue:
The Sardinian Action Plan for internationalization of SMEs and attractiveness for new enterprises
eGovernment in Galician municipalities
The RCC model in Vysocina - an overall progress
The RCC model in Silesia
Virtual OSS is becoming a reality in Tartu
The OSS in North Aegean Region - an overall progress
Final conference of the ICHNOS Plus project
 Altogether 230 experts, government official and entrepreneurs participated the final conference of Ichnos Plus project from May 10-12 in Tartu, Estonia.
Project newsletter no. 7 was published
Inside this issue:
ICHNOS Plus final conference
Reflections on the ICHNOS Plus results and impact
The Samos Interregional Seminar
Project newsletter no. 6 was published
Inside this issue:
Project's achievements so far
ICHNOS in Silesia ? A need for coordination and compatibility
eGovernment implementation in Vysocina
Business incubators in Galicia
Invitation to the ICHNOS Plus conference in Estonia
Project's achievements so far
 Are you interested in ICHNOS Plus project? See most important outputs and results.
The Toolkit was published
The Toolkit for implementation of the Regional competence center in the regions was created and you can download it in donwload section here.
Regional context analysis is published
Regional Context Analysis was an output of the first semester of the project. You can see it in download section here.
ICHNOS Plus project promoted at the ISSS conference
 The ICHNOS Plus project will be promoted during the ISSS conference (Internet in State Administration and Self-government) which will be held in the days of 12 – 13 April 2010 in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic). 
Third staff exchange between Ancitel Sardegna, North Aegean Region and Ruda Slaska Business Incubator
 The 3rd Staff Exchange of the ICHNOS Plus project took place on from 23rd to 25th November 2009 in Sardinia and involved three partners: Ancitel Sardegna (hosting partner), the North Aegean Region and the Ruda Slaska Business Incubator (visiting partners). 
Final project conference
 Final project conference together with the final meetings of the Steering and Scientiffic Committees are planned to be organized on May 11.-12. in the Estonian city of Tartu. Tartu science park is organizing this event, you will read more about the agenda and speakers in the couple of weeks.
Interregional visits in April 2010
 Spanish and Greek project partners agreed to visit each other in April. Two visits will be organized between CESGA and North Aegean region, one in Galicia, one in Mytilene (Lesbos Island). More information will be provided soon.
3rd international seminar was organized together with the Steering committee meeting on February 23 - 24 in Prague.
 During seminar the issues about the influence of the regional operation programmes in participating countries were discussed as well as the activities connected with the implementation of the RCC model in the partner regions.  The speakers presented the state of art of the business support in their countries by electronic tools, some presentations could be the basis for the speaches made at the final project conference in May (Tartu, Estonia). You can download the presentations here on this webpage.
23.-24.2.2010 3rd international seminar
 3rd international seminar will be organized together with the Steering committee meeting on February 23 - 24 in Prague. The agenda has been prepared to combine information about RCC model implementation in the partner regions as well as the influence of the SF Operation Programmes. 

Download the agenda.

Project newsletter no. 3 is published
Inside this issue:
Regional initiatives aimed at supporting the growth of one-stop-shops in Sardinia
2nd Interregional Seminar, 3rd On-site visit and 2nd staff exchange in Galicia
The staff exchange between participants from Vysocina region and Ruda Slaska Business incubator
Project promoted at the ?Eris@? annual conference by Vysocina Region
Greek partner follows the project plan
Tartu Science Park promotes ICHNOS Plus
Ruda Slaska Business Incubator informs about the news
Project newsletter no. 2 is published
Inside this issue:
Administrative simplification for business start-ups at the ICHNOS Plus project opening conference
A comparative picture of start-ups procedures in the partner regions of the ICHNOS Plus project
Study visit to the Science and Technology Park of Polaris: a good practice in the support to innovative and technology based companies
Administrative simplification for business start-ups: key theme of the ICHNOS Plus project opening conference

The six partner regions of the ICHNOS Plus project come together to the opening conference of the project held in Cagliari (Italy) on 11 December 2008. The conference, organised by the Lead Partner Ancitel Sardegna, attracted around 100 participants among local authorities, officers of the Sardinian Municipal One-Stop-Shops, representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and business associations.

Opening conference and 1st Interregional seminar - 11th December 2008
On 11 December 2008, in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) there will be the Opening Conference and 1st Interregional Seminar of the ICHNOS Plus project.
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